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  • - Tom Johnson
    ReLyt Electrical Services has proven to be a stellar provider of residential and commercial electrical solutions in South Palm Beach and North Broward counties. Their team of professionals displayed exceptional knowledge and skills, handling everything from EV charge station installations to complex electrical panel replacements. Their attention to detail, coupled with their dedication to customer satisfaction, was clearly evident in their work. The level of professionalism and the quality of service provided by ReLyt Electric Services is truly unmatched in the industry. Whether it's a simple electrical repair or a significant system modification, they deliver reliable, high-quality results every time.
    - Tom Johnson
  • - Joan Avina
    ReLyt Electrical Services is an outstanding provider of electrical solutions. Their expertise in EV charge station installation is particularly impressive, demonstrating their commitment to staying ahead of industry trends. Their team is professional, courteous, and efficient - the main panel replacement at my residence was done with meticulous attention to detail and minimal disruption. They also provided insightful suggestions on recessed lighting that greatly enhanced the aesthetics of my home. I highly recommend ReLyt Electric Services for anyone in South Palm Beach and North Broward counties needing high-quality, reliable electrical services.
    - Joan Avina
  • - Gordon Dale
    ReLyt Electric Services consistently surpasses my expectations with their exceptional service. Their team of professionals expertly managed the installation of an Electric Vehicle (EV) charge station at my property, displaying in-depth knowledge and utmost dedication. They also conducted a full electrical panel replacement, significantly improving the safety and efficiency of my home's power system. Beyond their technical skill, what truly distinguishes ReLyt is their commitment to customer satisfaction – they made sure to thoroughly understand my needs and catered their services to meet them. I highly recommend ReLyt Electric Services for any residential or commercial electrical needs in South Palm Beach and North Broward counties.
    - Gordon Dale

Welcome to ReLyt Electric Services, your trusted partner for premier electrical solutions serving South Palm Beach and North Broward counties

Welcome to ReLyt Electric Services, your premier source for top-notch electrical solutions in South Palm Beach and North Broward counties. We cater to both residential and commercial clients, specializing in the installation of Electric Vehicle (EV) charge stations, an essential service in today's environmentally conscious era. Our team, equipped with extensive experience and technical skill, delivers high-quality services tailored to your specific requirements.

In addition to EV charge station wiring, we offer a range of general electrical services, including main panel replacements and recess lighting. Whether you need an upgrade to your home's electrical system or a transformative lighting setup for your workspace, we're committed to ensuring safety, efficiency, and satisfaction in every project.

Who We Are...

Fully licensed and insured, ReLyt Electric Services combines attention to detail with dedication to customer satisfaction. Don't hesitate to explore our services or reach out for a quote. Let us be your go-to electrical service provider in South Palm Beach and North Broward counties, empowering your future, one circuit at a time.e.

What We Do.


Electrical Repairs: Fixing faulty wiring, outlets, switches, and more.

Lighting Installation: Setting up indoor, outdoor, and landscape lighting.

Electrical Panel Upgrades: Upgrading outdated electrical panels to accommodate modern electrical needs.

Home Safety Check: Reviewing homes to ensure electrical systems meet safety standards.

Wiring/Rewiring: Installing new wiring or updating old wiring in homes and businesses.

Electrical Inspections: Checking the electrical systems in homes or commercial properties, often required when selling or buying a property.

Surge Protection: Installing devices to protect a home's electrical appliances and systems from power surges.

Ceiling Fan Installation: Setting up ceiling fans, ensuring proper electrical connections and safety.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation: Setting up home or commercial EV charging stations.

Emergency Services: Offering 24/7 services for unexpected electrical problems.

GFCI Outlet Installation: Installing Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets, especially in areas exposed to moisture.

Generator Installation and Maintenance: Setting up backup power systems and ensuring they're in working order.

Pool and Hot Tub Electrical Setup: Ensuring pools and hot tubs have safe and efficient electrical systems.

Commercial Electrical Services: Providing specialized electrical services for businesses, factories, and other commercial establishments.

Home Automation System Integration: Assisting in setting up smart home systems and integrating them into the home's electrical system.

"Powering Your Future, One Circuit at a Time"


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